PTP software simplifies the process

we offer PT´s a powerful, but simple and inexpensive
solution for creating workouts.

Hundreds of exercises sorted by training method and muscle group.
Drag and drop exercises from pallet to canvas.
Search for workouts shared by other members... copy and tune them for your needs.
Add new exercises. Edit existing ones.
Take your workout with you… print it out or access using a tablet device.
Add unlimited YouTube exercise videos.

Manage clients

Manage their workouts and progress

Access a client’s cycle of workouts without any back and forth clicking – PTP’s tabbed canvas´s allow the user to quickly move from one workout to another.
Track clients progress… weight, body measurements… enter clients goals, nutrition/diet notes and more.
Generate charts that measure and illustrate client performance.

Enter strength and cardiovascular
data for every exercise

  • Add sets, reps, weight and instructional comments.
  • Add execution times, distance, calories burned, heart rate and more.
  • Generate reports based on increases or decreases in reps and weight.

1 Year FREE Membership

When you become a PTP beta tester

and receive a
1 year

membership to PTP

The application is not 100% ready for a production release. We need your feedback to remove the bugs and make it a more intuitive and fun tool. Your time in this endeavour will be rewarded with a one year free membership ($175.00+ value). Sign up Here.